KUTHAMPULLY-The village of weavers


i really wonder why i did’t post anything about my village Kuthampully,one of the rare handloom village in india.Yes,my village is Kuthampully.Where you can find peoples who are always busy with their work like bee’s.Their work is viewing,like asilk-worm.They will not care what happens around.They won’t care who will be next american president,they don’t want to know howthe Olympics is going on.They just don’t care.Even the childs will also be busy in helping their parents always in Business.They don’t have any knowledge about Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.But they know business as well than anyone else.They will’t waste time.that is why i love my village people so much.Anyhow i am just interested to give you some info about kuthampully.


Kuthampully Village is famous for handloom textiles, People here talk a dialect of Kannada,believed to have come from Karnataka for a living, may be three or four centuries back.Kuthampully Saree is a type of Sari traditionally made by weavers from Kuthampully village in Thiruvilwamala Grama Panchayat of Thrissur district of Kerala state in India.

The Kuthampully Saree is distinguished by its Saree borders.Kuthampully Saree is weaved by mostly Devanga community who came from Mysore State. The traditional weavers were brought by Cochin Royal Family some 500 years ago for the exclusive of palace.

In 1972 Kuthampully Handloom Industrial Cooperative Society was registered with 102 members. Now it has 814 members with own building in Kuthampully.In September 2011, the Kuthampully Saree got exclusive Intellectual Property rights through Geographical indication Act.

I will igive more info later….


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11 thoughts on “KUTHAMPULLY-The village of weavers”

  1. I admire the ones who can do this…I quilt, embroider, and other handwork…
    I have always wanted to learn how to create the art that this incredible people create
    Wonderful post Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care..

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  2. I hv recently purchased a Puthampully dhoti (labeled as Jithin) which is very nice, soft and user-friendly/comfortable from a local south Indian trader in Pune. I too originally belongs to Palakkad and visit our home-land regularly. When I happened to see the details through website, I am really
    May God bless us all! With Seasons’ Greetings! SRINIVASAN, DP Road, Aundh, Pune

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  3. hi der really like ur post … i need a help im doin a project on traditional textile of kerala so, do they allow outsiders to visit der work place nd take interview about the weaving, their lifestyle nd pics .. i need to be der oly for 3-4 days. do i need to tk any permission from concerned person if so then whom nd contact details pls?it could be a great help…. im also from kerala… thank u

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