Memories of a 90’s kid

I was the kid of later 90’s, that’s exactly when my childhood started.I am cent percent sure that kids of our time were the luckiest one’s. Because we were not busy with gadgets like this generation, all we had is time..!
There was really a lot of time around, we could count every moment of the day. And every moment will be a memorable one. I still remember that we used to go for fishing and there was a hill we visited every weekends. Gathering and going to these valleys was a kinda adventurous trip. I remember once we went there in a rainy season, a season were sun will always hide behind the clouds like a kid. He never came out, and it rained day and night. So we set a plan to go the hills. We collected some fruits. Collecting means it’s not about buying, taking. Yeh, we used to steal fruits from nearby farms. 😉
Still i wont agree that it was stealing. Because we were kids that time, so it was just taking what we need. We were the takers. We used to get lot of ripped mangoes, jackfruits, cashew and all hell of fruits available on earth. So lets be back to the story, so this cloudy day we planned to go to the hills. Arranged few bicycles and we started. It was not much raining, rain was stopped for a while. And we could see that sun was trying come out from the blacky clouds and he fails. Now you can imagine that weather condition. We reached down the hills in 30 minutes and started the trekking. As i remember we were all in same age group, may be 14. We formed a line and it started walking to the top. You can see all kind of birds living peacefully there, and if you are that lucky then you can see few innocent animals also. There was a small rill which starts from the hill-top. It all happened in a fraction of second. One of my friend tried to reach out this rill but rock was slipping due to rain. So obviously he lost his control and he started skidding down the hill. We were all shocked and scared, could recollect our sense of action for a solution. We were almost at half the way to the top. Suddenly he got to be stopped by a small tree which grew from the rock. We took our breath back and went down and saw him hanged by the tree. Will never forget his face of that moment, i saw a thousand of expressions flashing his face in every second. Somehow we rescued him but we didn’t cancel our target. After taking few minutes of rest we reached the top of the hill.
It was a clear few of earth down. If i had a camera that time, then I must have taken a hundreds of pics. It was that awesome. You can see the clouds carrying rain floating on the sky, you will see the birds trying to touch the sky. And when a heavy wind blew out the clouds you will see the land were we live. The farm fields will look like a matchbox, roads are like the nerves. Rivers will be are hugging the earth
and all these will be in front of you like in a portrait. If you are painter you cant leave the heights without drawing it. And the most funniest thing is only when we see ourselves from these heights, we understand how tiny we are in the earth. Back down of the hill is a small forest, we used to go into that killing silence and enjoy every moment.
Now a days my life is routine totally. I exactly know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, because my activities of the day are completely cycled. After I am into the job its like this, routine. I know this generation’s kids are killing their time in their nests itself, just being tied up to the inventions of this decade. They are killing the good times of life, childhood is the best part of life. If you miss it then it is waste of living. Now i understand how precious was my childhood, and really thankful to the god for making that time a celebration of life..!


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2 thoughts on “Memories of a 90’s kid”

  1. So true…. Kids today are truly missing some intense moments of fun n enjoyment! I don’t blame them for it…. It’s in our hands …. Kids learn from what they see and hear! Loved your description……esp. thoughts on stealing!

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