Letters, a symbol and emotion of time


Letters are the symbol of fallen years, which reminds me of a time when all kinda new gen communication medias were absolutely strange to us. I guess only the kids of earlier 90’s like me will have such memories. Today I was watching a movie and there I noticed mentioning the letters. I remember the days when I used to sit with my mom on the verandah awaiting the postman for the letters from my dad. He used to write twice a month from his workplace. When the section of kids comes then my mom will make me sit near and read it aloud for me. That was really a great time. Every letter used to bring some happiness around!

Then I grew up from trousers to pants and started writing my own letters, love letters of course! I wrote for myself and even for my friends. From them I used to take a small fee for that in the form of chocos most the time. I remember 1 incident in higher secondary. Once a friend of mine requested to write a love letter for him. It was a sudden request and so I was not ready with the lines. Then few quotes from last nights TV show came in my mind and I wrote the same as tag line of the letter -“I have dreams, you have dreams; let’s share our dreams”. I blindly believed that no one is gonna find that it is stolen. But the girl was a fan of that show and my friend got nicely ashamed in front of her. Hope you can guess the climax.

Also I remember an another story which happened during high school. It was a vacation time of around 2 months. So one of my friend couldn’t wait that long to have a chat with his bestie. He bought an open card(it costs 1 rupee I believe) and sent it to his friend. He had written so many bad words and his friend’s nick names also in that. He didn’t remember that it was an open card and therefore any one can read it, even the postman. The card was successfully delivered to his parents hands! This climax also I am leaving to your imagination.;)

Last month when I went to hometown me and my mom had to check some old documents from shelf for some bank related purpose. Suddenly few old letters fell down under my feet. I took them and checked, mom said those are the letters which my dad and grandpa sent to her years back. She said she was just keeping them for memories. I smiled and then smelled those letters. They were carrying all the scent of a gone time, it was awesome. I read few of them and kept back to its place.

These days no one is using letters. We have whatsapp, fb, e-mails, lane, we-chat..so and so. Obviously many advantages; I must agree. But still letters are the symbol or an emotion of an old time. Letters taught us the eagerness and happiness of waiting…


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