The pursuit of happiness


I wouldn’t have written this, but for some reasons I have to. Its nothing but I helped someone. There is an old saying – ‘the good things you do is to keep in your heart, not to tell people’. But still i am writing this means there is something else. A reason, may be you will get to know when you are done with this post.

I have seen that old lady around even before. At the nearest town she sells vegetable and fruits in front of a super market which run by north Indians. She have her space beside the road. A plastic mat and vegetables and fruits spreaded on it, yeh that’s her business room. I guess she is more than 70 and i wonder even in this age she is trying to live in her own. Making little money for her stomach is admirable for her age. Sometimes I get a thought to offer her few bucks. But I guess it will be an insult to her. Because if she wanted to beg, then she would’ve done that years back. She sleeps in the verandah of a closed shop always, keeping her business assets beside. With an old bed sheet and sack pillow she makes her sleep comfortable. I have seen her life goes in this way from last 5 years. It seems there is no one to take care of, obviously all alone. Previously we used to buy some vegetables from her so that we can help her a little. Later we forgot to.

You know what I am 24 only now, still I am a worst lazy fellow who never want to wake up and go to work. Everyday I wake up late in the morning and somehow go to office cursing everyone in the world. But in age she is triples of me but still working and making for living. That must be respected.

So let me tell you what happened yesterday. It was a normal day for me, woke up got ready and headed to office with my buddy. We had our breakfast at navallur town. Then took a tea and cigar from our regular shop. Later he walked into his office and I crossed the road to catch my bus to office. It was less crowded day. Guess people went to hometown for pongal holidays. There were only few guys and girls at the bus stop, most of them techies. I looked at everyone and stood hands folded.

Then I saw this old lady there. She looked very tired and I think she just got down from the bus. Because there was 2 sacks full of vegetables and fruits near to her. May be she went to some big market early morning to take vegetables for her business. She looked confused and helpless. Then i understood that it’s about the 2 sacks of vegetable. Her selling place is bit far from the bus stop. She cant carry those sacks to there. So she needs help.

And I saw her asking everyone, almost begged. Sadly, no one was willing to help. All techies were busy to reach their office and log on their fucking machines, even me of course. Then she asked few north Indian labors and even they didn’t care. I wanted to help but something stopped me. I was thinking that whether I should do it or not. Also I was confused what others will think about me. I don’t know why the hell I was thinking that way. Also I wished if she come and ask my help, so that I can do it. Bu she didn’t, may be the confusion on my face stopped her asking my hands. The next moment I felt ashamed of myself that I am thinking twice even to do good things! I couldn’t wait anymore. I just walked to her and asked whether she needs any help. Guess it surprised her, I saw a glance of light in her old deepy eyes. She didn’t speak a word but just nodded her head as a yes.

I carried those vegetable sacks to her place and looked at her face. She didn’t say anything, but I read her eyes. I saw many faces staring me. While walking back hurriedly to catch my office bus I was panting and my hands were paining. But I felt some real happiness in my heart. That small incident made my day.

All I wanted to tell is, if you want to do something good then do it. Nothing must stop you and never worry about what others will think. That’s the main reason why most of us leads a normal selfish life, like how the tortoise effaces its body into its shell…



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Jithin Rajan

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6 thoughts on “The pursuit of happiness”

  1. I dnk knw wat to comment on this post…yaar… Actually, its not just story reading or time passing… Its that all should keep in their mind…to do such gud things…. Thanks for the post… Jithin… 😏

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  2. Humanity is the great thing alive in very rare places now in this soceity. Nothing should stop us from helping othrs or being kind.. Great blog Jiths .. 🙂

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