A little love and madness


This is the time to say goodbye
If we are not late for it yet.
Let’s forget the past
For the eras fallen by and gonna be.
This evening, sitting under the reddish sky
I dove into my loneliness thoughts.
There came a monsoon followed by the summer,
Also we’ve seen the death of a spring.
You never knew me all these years,
As a mist or as a rain besides you.
I waited all the time on your ways,
But you never came near or said a word.
Its time to end the fall of time,
And its the time to say bye and pick our roads.
Let the seasons bloom, form the fruits and fall
Along with the untold love we had each other.


Published by

Jithin Rajan

My waste basket..!!!

3 thoughts on “A little love and madness”

  1. As always I say it’s Awesome Jiths 🙂 🙂 Great things comes in small packages .. that’s how beautifully you have scripted in these little lines .. Great way ahead !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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