This is a remembrance of an old friend. A friend who is no more exists…

His name was Appu. No, it was not. We called him Appu. At some year of my schooling i met him. Yeh i remember now. One weekend a friend of mine came home and took me out. I asked him – ‘where are we heading to?’. His reply was good enough to surprise me in that age. He answered with a question – ‘have you ever seen a movie not in theatre or in T.V? If not, then you are gonna see today..!’. That time we were not having T.V everywhere. Only one T.V was there in our locality and that used to be a mini-theatre in weekends. Our shows were on Sunday. If you are of my age then may be you can guess. Ofcourse it was 12.00 PM(Sakthiman) and 4.00 PM(movie). And going theatre will happen very rarely. That’s why his answer surprised me. I decided to go with him. We walked towards the paddy fields and after crossing it there was canal road to pass. Whenever the dam opens it gets filled with water which flows like a storm. Once i saw a dead cow flowing, and crows sitting on it like a ship and eating its flesh.
After passing the canal road there was a tiny road with less light. The light was hidden by small and big trees which stands with heads bended into the road. Actually i am bit familiar with this area. Still i don’t know which is our destination. Ohh..we reached. Let me describe this. This looks like an old house which is not repaired since years. There was a very aged grandma sitting on the verandah. She smiled with her widely opened mouth proving that teeth’s are gone like flowers in winter. But her face was so kind and happy. We smiled back and enter into the house. My friend took me inside a room which is of half light and darkness. It was so beautiful to see how the darkness hugs the light and she comes out. It goes on. I simply observed the room. It was a shady room were books thrown at one side and a bag hanged on the wall. I couldn’t figure out what are the photos on the wall. Seems like old black & white photographs. My friends voice woke me from my thoughts – ‘this is Appu, he is gonna run the movie now.’ Ohh, now only I am seeing them. There was 2 boys there. As my friend said the elder one is Appu, and there was also a very small kid sitting on the floor. It was his younger brother. I got laughed seeing how eagerly he was waiting for the movie to start. Exactly like in a theatre. I smiled at him. He smiled back doubtfully and his expressions told me – ‘because of you only its delaying. Now find a place in floor and make yourself a seat. Lets watch the movie’.
I read his mind and sat. There was a white dhoti hanged spreaded on the wall. Years later i came to know that it was the first projector screen i saw in my life. And there was light coming to the screen through a hole from the opposite wall. I ran to the wall and peeped through the hole. My guess was right, the light is from a mirror kept outside. Between the light and screen there was a fused bulb hanging like Archimedes sword which was filled with water or something. Appu reeled the films one by one behind the bulb and I watched my first silent movie in that dark room. The movie got over in 5 minutes and his younger brother clapped like anything.
That’s how me and Appu become friends. We used to play together with other friends. A gang of 4, me, Appu, Vipi and Pratheesh. My grandma was having few cows in home. After school I used to take them field for feeding. So that time our games starts. Cricket, football..sometimes we used to catch scorpion from the field. Sometime fishing and we used to lay on the ground from 4 corners with heads in the centre. Used to see the sky and talked whatever we wished to. Years flew like hell and I came back to my dad’s home for college. Still monthly i used to go and visit them all.

It was a Sunday evening i got a call from Pratheesh – ‘Appu is gone..he wont be with us from now on’. I didn’t heard rest of his words. I sat on a sofa nearby and cried. I couldn’t believe that he died. An unfortunate bike accident. I didn’t had the strength to see his body. So i didn’t go. After a week i went to his home.
His grandma was sitting on the same place were i met her years back. She is so aged, couldn’t even move from her place. She opened her eyes half and I doubted whether she recognized me or not. But one thing was sure, she was crying without any sound. I walked into the sit out area. His mom was sitting there. She came running to me and hugged, then cried. I didn’t say anything. Even a single word. She was trying to remember all small or bigger memories of her son and describing to me. I had no idea how to react or console her. I just kept my hands on her hands and cried. That only i could do. She was a very poor woman who always work for her child’s. I sat for an hour there and left. After that I used to go there whenever I visit my mom’s home. And I used to go and see his mother, we talked silently always. Later, like every others i forgot that mom also. As i remember i had not seen her in last 2 years. Sucked with my scheduled life…

There is one reason why i remembered all these today. Few days back I saw a dream. In the dream i was sitting near to a pond at midnight and making some conversations with my friends. After sometime i started back to home. It was a very dark night with no stars or moon. Suddenly I felt like someone is following me. I turned back to see. I saw Appu running towards me with a very scary face. I was shocked and stunned. I got scared and ran. After sometime i turned back and no one was there. When i woke up from the dream i was sweating like hell. I don’t know why such a dream! I used to dream our olden good days. But this is strange..!
Anyways next month when i go home, i will go and see his mom…


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Jithin Rajan

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6 thoughts on “Appu..!”

  1. Hey Jiths… It is really awesum! Appreaciate your efforts on this article. BTW nice dream 😉 Howevr his body and flesh may not be with you but his soul and memories r alwys wth you 🙂 🙂

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