The roots of my banyan tree; My grandma

This post is from my life, i really wanted to talk or write about this. These are just the thoughts of my mind. And by the way it is all about old age. In our life nothing is permanent, no one stays with us till the dead end. Nothing is ours for a long time and everything or everyone is just a visitor in our life. Even the age’s, is just a visitor. Once we were a new born baby. Then we learned to stand up and walk, we started the childhood and enjoyed every drop of it for years. Teenage taught us love, we experienced the gain and pain of it. We learned many things, and later we slowly stepped into responsibilities. Got a job and started taking care of family. We started to think more and share our thoughts when a partner came into the life. Started enjoying the beauty of sunrise and sunset than ever before. Then our kids came into the screen. We are seeing ourselves in them, we are trying to give ‘the best’ in everything to them. This all goes for a long time and they become us and we gets old. This is where it all ends, old age. Old age is nothing but a revisit to our childhood where we had nothing to do. People come and visit in a cyclic process. They will get something for us and few people may give a few hundred rupee note while leaving. They will treat us like a baby and talk in that way, every time they will keep on asking the bull shit question ‘how you feeling now?’ and we say i am tired and waiting for my day.
All these thoughts came into my picture when last weekend i went to my native for 4 days of vacation. I went to see my grandma as usual. When i reached her home she was sitting under a big banyan tree which gives shadow and protection to one of the Hindu god who rests on the ground. She was sitting on the steps of that family temple watching every people who walks that way. There was nice breeze searching something around there, I sat near and looked at her. First she thought it was my dad and held my hands tightly and asked ‘when you came son?’. I smiled silently and the next moment itself she identified that its her grandson. She smiled widely and open hearted showing her toothless mouth. That moment I saw a kids innocence on her face. Her eyes are brownish like mine, when i looked at them I saw my childhood there. I remembered the old days when she was healthy and took care of me. Then she started asking about my job and life there as usual, every time she forgets these things. I answered all the questions one by one still holding her hands to mine. There was some snacks which my mom made for her, we both ate them under that banyan tree. I have a lot of memories about this tree as it grew with me. Not exactly but still i guess she was stepping into a matured era of her life when i was born. I used to play under it all the time. There was also a ‘black plum tree’ which grew to the sky hugging our banyan tree. So a lot of fruits will fall down and we used to collect it with big leaves shaped in a particular manner. After eating those fruits our tongue will turn blue like the fruit. And now the trees also tired like my grandma, its not fruitful now and i don’t see any kids around. May be my grandma imagines her life same as the tree, and she got a company with the tree and come to its shadow everyday. I can see a silent consoling relation between them. We sat there nearly an hour and I was about to leave, it was really painful to leave her. While she untie my hands i was about to cry. Her hanged ears were moving in a rhythmic manner in breeze, her eyes were telling thousands of pains that she couldn’t able to explain me. I saw eyes speaking. I took her hands, kissed and left. While driving back i was thinking about my next visit. I have to come back soon, because my roots are under this banyan tree. I imagined her sitting under that tree watching the cloudy sky through the gaps of its tiny leaves. And i realised, she is the roots of my banyan tree…


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Jithin Rajan

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6 thoughts on “The roots of my banyan tree; My grandma”

  1. Its really wonderful blog !! The attachments and the bonding you have been carried with your family and the relation what you have with Banyan tree is priceless.. 🙂

    A very touching description of the phases our life goes through,the body withers but our soul doesn’nt.
    Some wrinkles are beautiful !!! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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