The Immortals of Meluha-a definite page turner

This was the first time a book that tells the story of Lord Shiva is publishing.The Shiva Trilogy, Immortals of Meluha is based on the belief that perhaps the actions and karma are the only determining factors to make an ordinary man to a god like figure or god! Amish Tripathi the writer of this book attempts to narrate the Hindu infinite ‘Mahadev’-The God of Gods and the destroyer of evil.

The story is set in Meluha, a nearly perfect land of Suryavanshis which is at war over their sacred river ‘Saraswati’ with the baleful and savage Chandravanshis, who have a secret alliance with a cursed and disfigured group called Nagas, masters of martial arts. At the starting pages Shiva is introduced as a young Tibetan tribal who arrives in Meluha with his tribes due to some issues in his old place called Manasarovar. In hindu puranas Manasarovar is considered as place in earth were the gods used to come regularly.Accidently after drinking water from Saraswati river Shiva observed that the color of his neck turned to blue, and people of Meluha started beleiving that Shiva is the Lord Mahadev. Shiva gets angry but soon he discover that he is the legendary ‘Neelkanth’ who is envisaged to be their savior. To reach his destiny, by duty as well as by love and expectations, Shiva resolves to lead the Suryavanshi retaliation.

The flow of the movie is very good, you can compare it with a Hindi or Hollywood movie. It flows through the 400 pages of the book with a mixing of action, comedy, romance and devotion.It will never allow you to get bored and there are newses spreading over the air that one of the best Bollywood director Karan Johar is making this a film. And without doubt you can tell that Hritik roshan will be in the role of Shiva. Sati is the daughter of Daksha the King of Meluha. Shiva falls in love with Sati immediately, trails behind her and does all frivolous things to impress her. This hero-cum-rock-star image of Shiva feels extremely amazing. Shiva is using words like idiot, fool..etc and that makes us feel that he is just like a human only. Rather it is Shiva’s insecurities and inner conflicts that actually make the readers feel that he is human.

For sure the book takes a deep breath into the indian puranas to know the indian cultures and beliefs. The writing style that makes your heart beats faster while moving to the next page.And the book ends with a suspense situation that is good enough to create the thought of buying the second book in this series, “The secret of Nagas”.
However this is the first book of Purana that exists with an uncomparable effects.Perhaps the catchiest part of the book? Its cover page!


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