Earth says-“Im just alive”

The importance of World Environment Day
It is late we are  realising that environmental degradation puts our future in a ditch. Besides, we are supposed to hand over our common heritage to upcoming generations. The task will become impossible if we don’t preserve the existing things. Numerous species have already become extinct and many more are currently on the endangered list(I mean RED DATA BOOK). We must not go down the same path.The felling of trees due to our ever growing needs has been on an unprecedented scale and has caused an alarming depletion in green cover. The overall rainfall has been decreasing over the years in inverse proportion to the greenhouse effect, leading to disastrous climate change.Residents of areas which received abundant rain in past are facing water scarcity at present. Cherrapunji(in the state of Meghalaya) was till the 1980s the wettest place in India, it hasn’t recorded sufficient rain for years now.Several important glaciers have significantly shrunked in size. Polar ice is also melting fast. Large icebergs have been seen floating near Antarctica. If this trend continues, sea levels will rise and entire islands could be submerged. In order to avoid ending up in a watery grave, millions living on the coast or near the sea would be forced to relocate.Further increase in global temperature will also lead to loss of vital flora and fauna. As each species has a vital role to play in the food chain, any imbalance means destruction of the ecosystem itself. It is incumbent on everyone concerned to avoid this possibility. Time is running out.You people know all these information without waiting for my words.Will we join hands and take the required steps before it is too late?

Theme of the World Environment Day 2012

The World Environment Day 2012 theme is Forests: Nature at Your Service. The purpose of this theme is to see that special importance is given to forests by different countries. In fact, this is the reason why the United Nations has declared 2012 as the International Year of Forests.


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