The Memory Theif

I would like to post some info about the movie The Memory Theif .It is a new generation movie and you people should try to watch this.Im sure that it’ll lead you into a new Era…

Lukas (Mark Webber) is a young man who works as a tollbooth operator. He does not have much of a social life and spends much of his free time visiting his catatonic mother in the hospital. One day, one of the tollbooth customers tosses him a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and Lukas starts reading it. While he is reading the book, a Holocaust survivor (Allan Rich) drives by, and angrily berates Lukas for his choice of reading material. Lukas makes little of it at the time, but the next day the old man comes back and gives him a videotape containing his testimony from the concentration camps. Watching the tape, Lukas becomes captivated, not less so when he spots the old man’s obituary in the newspaper shortly after.He decides to get a job working for the organisation that makes the interview tapes with the survivors. At the same time, while visiting his mother, he meets the medical student Mira (Rachel Miner), whose father (Jerry Adler) is also a camp survivor. At this point, Lukas’s behaviour becomes more and more obsessive. He hoards interview tapes, watching several simultaneously on different television sets. He plasters his wall with pictures from the camp, and buys lottery tickets based on the interviewees identification numbers from the camps. Eventually he persuades Mira’s father to record an interview, but the burden of recalling the memories is too much for the old man, who kills himself shortly afterwards.

Mira blames Lukas for her father’s death, but Lukas is undeterred in his pursuit to document the memories of the survivors. Eventually, his erratic behaviour gets him fired, both from his tollbooth job and from his work with the Holocaust foundation. Gradually he comes to believe that he himself is the last Holocausts survivor. He shaves his head and gets an identification number tattooed on his arm. He
deliberately picks a fight with a group of neo-Nazi
skinheads, and gets beaten up. It also becomes clear that the old woman in the hospital is not Lukas’s mother at all, revealing his obsessive commitment to the suffering of other people. As the movie ends, he is seen putting on a suit reminiscent of the uniforms worn by concentration camp prisoners, and he embarks on what he describes as a death march.

rachel miner

Mark Webber – Lukas
Rachel Miner – MiraPeter Jacobson – Mr. Freeman
Jerry Adler – Mr. Zweig
Stella Hudgens – Amanda
Richard Riehle – Judaica
Karen Landry – Mother
Allan Rich – Zvi Birnbaum
Douglas Spain – Dominic
Carlos Gomez – Amanda’s father


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