TOTOCHAN-the little girl at the window

i would like to share the thread of the book “Totochan-the girl at the window” by tetsuko kuroyanagi(japan writter).  one of my child vaccation caused me to read this book,acually at the time i was being interested in reading books.Iam thanking my neighbour vinu uncle(a retired bank officer) who lead me to the world of books.Now too i remember the day on which who shown me his home library,it was the world of books under categories.i got emerged to eat them all.i did much as i can.It was a journey from ‘M.T vasudevan nair’ to ‘Orhan pamuk’.That was a beautiful vaccation for me.i travaelled through many countries and talked with many characters through books.Now too i am continueing this habit.i love books.if i got a book i can involve in nothing before completing that as fast as i can.

Totochan is about the childhood of the writter tetsuko    kuroyanagi.Toto is her nick name.The book talks about toto’s school where a different kind of education is handled by the teachers under the leadership of principal Kobayashi master.After reading this book i took a number of months to get released from its hands.You too should cry if you completes this book,im sure that the last pages of the book will must weep by your tears.Try to read the book not the e-book and feel the difference.

Here i am giving you the starting lines of the book ‘Totochan’.


 When she saw the gate of the new school, Totto-chan stopped. The gate of the school she used to go to had fine concrete pillars with the name of the school in large characters. But the gate of this new school simply consisted of two rather short posts that still had twigs and leaves on them.

“This gate’s growing,” said Totto-chan. “It’ll probably go on growing till it’s taller than the telephone poles!”

The two “gateposts” were clearly trees with roots. When she got closer, she had to put her head to one side to read the name of the school because the wind had blown the sign askew.

“To-mo-e Ga-ku-en.”

Totto-chan was about to ask Mother what “Tomoe” meant, when she caught a glimpse of something that made her think she must be dreaming. She squatted down and peered through the shrubbery to get a better look, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Mother, is that really a train! There, in the school grounds!”

For its classrooms, the school had made use of six abandoned railroad cars. To Tottochan it seemed something you might dream about. A school in a train!

The windows of the railroad cars sparkled in the morning sunlight. But the eyes of the rosy-cheeked little girl gazing at them through the shrubbery sparkled even more.

“I Like This School!”

Here is how Totto Chan’s interview with her headmaster went.
With a hasty bow, Totto-Chan asked him spiritedly “What are you, a schoolmaster or a stationmaster?”

Mother was embarrassed, but before she had time to explain, he laughed and replied, “I’m the head-master of this school.”

Totto-Chan was delighted. “Oh, I’m so glad,” she said, “because I want to ask you a favor. I’d like to come to your school.”

The headmaster offered her a chair and turned to Mother. “You may go home now. I want to talk to Totto-Chan.”

Totto-Chan had a moment’s uneasiness, but somehow felt she would get along all right with this man. “Well, then, I’ll leave her with you,” Mother said bravely, and shut the door behind her as she went out.

The headmaster drew over a chair and put it facing Totto-Chan, and when they were both sitting down close together, he said, “Now then, tell me all about yourself. Tell me anything at all you want to talk about.”

“Anything I like?” Totto-Chan had expected him to ask questions she would have to answer. When he said she could talk about anything she wanted, she was so happy she began straight away. It was all a bit higgledy-piggledy, but she talked for all she was worth.

Now tell me would you like to collect and read the book-“TOTOCHAN”


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